What are the hiring aids?

Published on : 28 June 20213 min reading time

In the labor market, unemployment has always been a major problem. It is the result of the imbalance between the demand and the supply of employment. The main causes of unemployment are bad investments, taxation and social charges which are too heavy for most companies. Hiring is defined as the outcome of the recruitment of an employee. Hiring is thus a way to fight unemployment and there are different forms of hiring aids. However, in order to recruit a deserving employee and put him or her on the right job, there are hiring procedures that companies should follow.


Hiring is the opportunity to offer employment to a job seeker. An employer who hires an employee signs a contract with the employee and hires him or her. The employer or entrepreneur is obliged to inform organizations such as tax institutions and to fill in administrative declarations when hiring an employee. Salaries are expenses or charges for the employer and they weigh on the company. As hiring is a means to fight unemployment, it is facilitated and encouraged by devices and forms of hiring aids. Hiring assistance aims to facilitate hiring and can take various forms.

What are the different types of hiring assistance?

Hiring assistance generally consists of exemptions from social security contributions and tax breaks. Regions or geographical areas experiencing economic and social difficulties are the main beneficiaries of this hiring aid. In addition, the hiring of specific employees such as disabled workers and apprentices also allows the employer to benefit from hiring aids. A company located in a geographical area with no social or economic difficulties may not benefit from hiring aids. This company will have to know how to hire the right candidates in order not to make bad investments.

Hiring employees

Successful hiring is essential for the future of a company. The main steps to follow when hiring an employee are the definition of the position, the definition of the profile sought and the choice of the type of employment contract. Then, there is the  advertisement to be written, the selection of the files, the interviews and the integration of the new employee. Whether the company is in an economically depressed area or not, it is always important to benefit from hiring assistance, as it allows the company to improve its productivity and it promotes its development.

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