How to manage your HR department during a complex episode in your business?

Published on : 28 June 20214 min reading time

The Transitional HR Department is the one that brings together all the teams needed to administer, develop and mobilize the human resources of a company in a transitional situation and at short notice. In practice, it is up to the expert in interim management to intervene or to pilot, in order to be able to manage social crises, to transform HR and payroll, to rapidly develop your company, etc. But, how can you do that?

The different types of needs for steering your HR department in transition

To begin with, the business transfer project consists of the sale of a company to a buyer, in various forms (transfer of shares, transfer of funds, transfer with seller’s credit, etc.), due to the bankruptcy of the company, the heaviness of the tax system, the uncertainty of the economic situation or other reasons. Secondly, the merger and acquisition project refers to a business combination with the aim of accelerating growth, expanding business and boosting financial power as well as market share.

The start-up project is the beginning of a business project which requires better planning beforehand, initiation to its management, experimenting through a specialist to realize it and check its feasibility- profitability-viability. Also, the transfer project can include the change of work in the same company, the change of establishment in the same group or other. In addition, the PSE project (Job Saving Plan/ Plan de Sauvegarde de l’Emploi) consists of a legal or regulatory device designed to limit the impact of collective redundancies in the company. For more details, see here.

Profile of a transitional HR expert

On the academic side, the transitional manager or director of transitional human resources must have studied and/or specialized in Human Resources in top schools.

From a personal point of view, he/she must have a dynamic spirit, teamwork, empathy and leadership.

On the professional side, he/she must have solid experience (in complex situations) and the ability to intervene in project mode. Similarly, he/she must have strong expertise in HR (labor law, training, strategic management of skills, payroll, compensation policies, prevention of psychosocial risks, quality of life at work, social relations, recruitment, compensation, regulatory monitoring, etc.) as well as the ability to make a diagnosis of major issues in a short period of time, to propose relevant solutions, to initiate appropriate actions to facilitate change, to measure progress and to conclude his/her mission through the presentation (written and verbal) of a detailed report of his/her mission to his/her client or successor.

How to manage your HR department during a complex episode in your company?

In order to manage your HR department during a complex situation in your company, you need to know how to call upon a transitional HRD.

This is because he or she can improve, in a short period of time, the quality of the contracts that have occurred in the company and that have generated a default in payment. Then, this expert can propose a recovery plan prior to the implementation of a better social solution that can revive the company. Then, he or she re-establishes the climate of cooperation-trust between the company and its social partners to regain managerial credibility. Also, for the conduct of change, he or she must establish better cultural and social conditions for change. Moreover, in the context of crisis management, this kind of expert is supposed to re-establish social dialogue as well as the implementation of a job protection plan. If necessary, he can temporarily replace one of the employees in the company. Moreover, he intervenes within the framework of the transfer of company, decompartmentalization, digitalization, outsourcing, merger-acquisition, internationalization, launching, management of relay, transfer, reinforcement, reorganization, restructuring, major strategic, etc.

However, it is necessary to privilege the word-of-mouth recommendations conveyed by close relations to recruit or make a contract of service with the best transitional HRD who is able to offer better qualities-prices of service.

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