Benefits of PIM: a data interconnection and update in real time!


Companies accumulate important data: the list of products available in the stores, reports, etc. The management of this information must be centralized as much as possible. The objective is to facilitate the processing, modification and distribution of these data. The PIM software, which stands for "Product Information Management", is designed to perform these complex tasks.


PIM is primarily used to centralize all information relating to the company's operations. The data can be related to available stocks, product catalogues, reports on the company's finances, etc. The use of PIM facilitates the storage of all information in a single computer server. This solution facilitates the work of the staff responsible for enriching and processing these data. Indeed, employees at all levels (company directors, managers, sales managers, salespeople, etc.) must be able to consult the same information. The objective is to avoid errors when making decisions. Would you like more information on the concept, operation and usefulness of the PIM tool? Click here for more information.


Real-time data update

It should be noted that PIM is widely used by companies in the sales and distribution sector. Indeed, this tool facilitates the real-time update of data concerning the products available in the different stores. It is therefore possible to modify the data immediately according to the evolution of the situation. In addition, the various employees can see the updates made by a particular employee in real time. This solution favours the coherence of the information at the level of the various services of the company. Indeed, without the PIM tool, it was necessary to make many calls or send several emails to inform the hierarchical superiors in different changes within the store: the out-of-stock products, the availability of items in the stores, etc. This practice led to a considerable waste of time and a certain frustration among employees.


Better data consistency

The PIM is first and foremost a collaborative tool dedicated to data processing. It is therefore possible to access, store and process information from any computer terminal. As a result, the data are identical, regardless of the computer used by the employees. This consistency of information avoids misunderstandings between the various employees: managers, department heads, salespeople, etc.   

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