Cause of many nightmares at work: duplicate files!

Good organization of one's data and information is a primary thing in the life of the company. In order to move the business forward, it is important to be able to offer clear and accurate information. However, as a result of technical or human errors, problems can occur. Duplication is a perfect example, as it is common and it can affect the classification of data. Discovering how to solve this problem becomes necessary in this context.

The principle

In order to better know how to fight it, it is useful to know what a duplicate file is. It is a radical evil that affects any company when drawing up balance sheets, estimates, and organizing purchases and sales. It occurs as a result of handling errors, a lack of concentration or simply computer or technical problems. A duplicate file is defined as a tenfold increase or repetition of a single file in the database. In other words, it is a backup redundancy that will unnecessarily fill your storage spaces while distorting the status of the accounts in your data. This can generally affect the security and accounting of your work and consequently your company. Several measures are possible today to fight this problem effectively.

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Effective solutions

Due to many inconveniences that they cause, it is mandatory to know how to fight duplicate files. The first way to do this is to use online storage spaces. Indeed, local storages can be subject to many changes depending on who has access to them or how they are organized. Opting for online storage (such as the Cloud) will allow you to secure and save information cleanly as these are equipped with duplicate detection systems that automatically eliminate duplicate files as soon as they appear.

Another alternative is to get anti-duplicate applications to install on your devices. These are widely available today, and many of them are free.

Use a PIM

Turning to a Product Information Management remains the best alternative to counter duplicates. Indeed, this data management tool can improve the quality of your data by implementing a specific digital signature. This will allow you to have unique, reliable and accurate information that will not contain any errors. Moreover, the PIM can also help to remove duplicates and obsolete data at their source.

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