How to control changes to product data?


PIM is a technology used in marketing that collects information about a product so that this information can be distributed accurately and efficiently. PIM concepts aim to bring together all the information stored about a product into information that is accessible to the consumer. With PIM, customers and service providers no longer have to learn about the different elements that make up the final product you just purchased.

Defining PIM 

PIM refers to the software and processes that allow you to collect, use and update all the data related to products designed by companies. The data generated from PIM software will be used to print a product catalogue, update inventories on the e-commerce site and even exchange data generated through a network of distributors. PIM tools also help standardize the customer experience across all sales channels. The main purpose of a Product Information Manager or PIM is to create a single, centralized reference system for all of the company's product description data. Technically, PIM can control changes to product data from a variety of sources.

Benefits of PIM software

The advantage of managing the knowledge produced in an enterprise is the control and dissemination as well as the definition of the product, regardless of the channel and context. PIM software is used for reliable, flexible and responsive management of product information to increase productivity and competitiveness. The advantages of product information management in e-commerce are the possibility to quickly put your product offers online and to succeed in your seasonal business strategies. In this case, it seems obvious to simplify and optimize product data management software solutions.

Product Information Management

Maintaining and establishing the mindset of a passing customer or introducing new products into their own product catalogue is a big challenge, and it is especially important in the retail world. The growth of product SKUs and data is a daily reality that the marketing team must adjust to. New product additions support inventory turns with a shorter life cycle. In order to adapt to this new business reality, it is important to be flexible so that information can be presented well, even if it does not reach the team and the customers. Increases in sales channels and the progressive difficulty of systems have made it difficult to update databases.

Benefits of PIM: a data interconnection and update in real time!
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