How to manage a business today?

The main mission of the manager is to ensure the seamless productivity of the entire team. At the same time, he or she must guarantee that the team is motivated in the performance of its duties. How to combine the search for the best possible profitability with a human factor that aspires to a new way of working, i.e., with freedom and more consideration?

The dawn of a new alternative to the Taylorism of yesteryear

While corporate management has long been dominated by a vertical structure for centuries, today's managerial world has evolved exponentially, especially in the early 21st century. In the past, employers focused on the performance and productivity of the organization. Today, in order to achieve the company's objectives, each leader has his or her own management style. Some rely on leadership and the effective transmission of orders to ensure the performance of their company. Others think that training is an essential element to optimize the potential of the whole team. This would allow for the synergy of actions aimed at creating a competitive advantage for the company.

Focus on the human factor

The 19th and 20th centuries were marked by the industrial revolution, with Taylorism as a work method. Frederick Taylor invented a scientific organization of work, categorizing it into two parts: the first reserved for thinkers, and the second for workers. The latter were only concerned with execution and production for maximum output, without taking into account the human capital. This style of management in companies is still very present in the organization today, although the tendency is to show flexibility in terms of command, valuing the human aspect.

New managerial posture: between consideration of the human factor and better profitability

Nowadays, the managerial world considers the importance of the interaction between employee and manager, without forgetting the individual and collective reward system to motivate the work. This contributes to the implementation of strategies aimed at putting forward a new way of operating, a new way of seeing and thinking; this new way of acting efficiently reminds us that the main objective is to optimize the profitability of the company. In order to do this, management in today's companies consists of synergizing all the actions of the personnel, making the most of the existing material resources, as well as the human skills, in a rational way. However, this cannot be effective without a system of motivation, in order to encourage employees to become more involved.

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