What is operational consulting?

Published on : 28 June 20215 min reading time

Having quick and sustainable action strategies is a must for the development of a company. However, reaching this goal is not always an easy thing, and doing it yourself does not guarantee a satisfactory result. Operational consulting is a perfect solution, as it allows to deploy the company’s resources and to reach the set goals. Discovering what operational consulting is all about becomes necessary in this context.

What is operational consulting?

First of all, it is important to know what operational consulting is. It is a method that is aimed at company managers and that aims at advising them and helping them in the elaboration of their strategy. This practice can be carried out in two ways, either through daily support from an external consultant, or in specialized firms. To obtain a good management of its actions as well as its sales allows the rapid expansion of the company. Eventually, opting for operational advice represents an effective way to achieve this. It also allows to put forward the resources, but especially the needs of the company, whether products, material or even personnel. The goal is that each individual can make a real contribution to the improvement. In other words, the operational consulting will evaluate the strong and weak points in order to set up fast and conclusive action strategies.

The advantages

Indeed, getting financial advice can give you several advantages. The first is to fill the gap in expertise. It is not uncommon for a business owner to lack the techniques necessary to make the right decisions and implement the right strategies. A gap in this area can be easily filled by bringing in an outside consultant. In addition to leaders, the lack of expertise of internal consultants can also be solved. This is a huge time saver, as you will not have to recruit new people.

The second advantage is that you get a clearer, more global view of the situation. A professional will be able to offer you detailed analyses of the activities as well as the development that the company is following. He will be able to offer you a more precise and clear view of what is really going on, he will then be able to advise you and help you on how to manage the operations. Moreover, the external advisor is a person who does not take sides and who will be able to give an objective opinion on the interests of the company.

Finally, it is a good way to unite and strengthen teams. Beyond the professional sector, operational consulting can provide solutions to the company’s internal problems, as well as to the manager’s personal problems. Internal conflicts can cause significant deficits in operations, and therefore deserve to be resolved by a specialist. In this order, seminars, team building, or cohesion activities can also be organized.

The different phases

In order to get the best results, the realization of the operational consulting is done in several stages. Generally, most consulting firms work in three stages, all of which are implemented according to the current situation and the client’s needs. The first step is the scoping phase. It will consist in conducting interviews with the majority of the company’s personnel. This step is essential, because it will allow to detect problems and to put forward improvement procedures.

The second phase is the analysis stage. This phase will allow to determine more precisely the improvement procedures by evaluating the scope of the investments and the potential gains. It will also allow the company to position itself on stable bases by the presence of concrete and precise objectives in order to offer an adhesion to the project. The consulting firm and the client will have to consult each other on (evaluation of risks, amount of gains, etc.) before carrying out this stage.

Finally, the last stage is the project phase. It is during this phase that all the studies, analyses and decisions made beforehand will finally be used for concrete purposes by carrying out the changes and projects planned. Thus, the changes and strategies implemented will be deployed in order to proceed with the optimization of the company. It is also during this phase that the manager will have to disburse the necessary sums for the realization of the new action strategies.

A suitable offer for everyone

The goal of the financial consulting will be to increase the turnover through a faster sale or to find new customers. However, as the needs and expectations of each client may be different, the firms propose offers adapted to all. Before the beginning of the operations, you will be able to consult the firm or the experts who will take care of your case, in order to establish a precise plan of what you are looking for. For example, it could be cost reductions, value creation or staff training. Depending on your objectives, the operational consulting process will not be the same.

To quickly find a financial advisory consultant or agency, you can search online sites offering such services. Asking for recommendations or reviews from former clients in your circle is also a good initiative.

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