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To make a place for itself in a competitive market and to benefit from a better return, a company surrounds itself with several high-level profiles. Some areas, such as the technical and commercial ones, require the skills and expertise of a specialized manager. Both are essential bridges to better productivity and increased sales.

Boost your business with the service of a sales manager

The sale of a product or a service is essentially the part that guarantees the survival of a company, regardless of its sector of activity. In the launch, development or end-of-life phase, promoting a product is not an easy task, hence the importance of the sales department. The intervention of a sales manager goes far beyond a simple necessity. His or her role within a company is crucial. With many years of experience, this specialist is the first person responsible for sales activities, including prospecting and loyalty as mentioned on the website www.mes-directeurs.com. Reporting to the general management, this expert works in close collaboration with the marketing director, the communication director as well as the human resources. These branches are quite interdependent since they all have the same objective which is to boost the company's turnover. The missions of the sales manager are multiple. Improving the company's profitability, winning new customers, optimizing customer satisfaction are some of them. In the accomplishment of his tasks, he will often have to set up a distribution network according to the market demand and to develop the company's activities on the net.

Ensure better support in production with the guidance of a technical director

Just like the sales manager, the technical manager is also an element that every company should focus on. This executive is responsible for managing all technical activities and resources as well as supporting production projects. He is the main guarantor of the performance, coherence and reliability of the industrial tools of one or more production sites. He/she also ensures that the product manufacturing process runs smoothly. In this respect, he/she is regularly involved in defining methods, safety rules and improving the quality of the entire production process, while coordinating the work of the teams. With the marketing and sales management, the technical director also participates in the design of new products. He will inform the other entities of the company of the feasibility of the projects envisaged. He or she will not fail to propose research and development programs to ensure the success of these projects. The studies carried out by this professional will allow the commercial, financial, logistic and HR departments to adopt strategies adapted to the development of new products.

Required qualifications for a good business and technical manager

The position of sales manager requires specific skills and qualifications. Generally, this profile has several years of experience. This allows them to be responsive to all proposals. In addition to his or her expertise, this professional also possesses specialized knowledge acquired in a business school. You should know that most sales managers have a 5-year degree. Since this executive is often required to travel abroad, knowledge of a few foreign languages is an additional asset. In addition, to work as a technical director, you must have a master's degree from an engineering school and demonstrate great expertise in several fields: project management, maintenance, new work studies, etc. You must also be responsive and have good listening skills.

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