How to distribute your products effectively with PIM

Competition, compliance of pure-players and consumer demand for information are currently forcing you to control the distribution of your product descriptions more than ever. Today, professional distribution networks, retailers and distributors of consumer products are equipped with PIM solutions.  

What exactly is PIM?

PIM (Product Information Management) means Product Data Management (or Product Information Management, as the case may be). Therefore, a PIM is a software solution created to gather, enrich, manage and disseminate the content and information related to your products, on the right distribution or communication channel. For more information on this subject, please visit

What is the purpose of a PIM?

By using a good PIM tool, you can manage a large amount of content and various information related to your offers or products. It's fast, simple and therefore effective. By efficiently managing your product data, you can send the right information to the right channel at the right time. Thus, you can distribute the product information of your choice to commercial sites, an automated catalogue, a marketplace, stores, etc. This information can be very diverse: technical descriptions, marketing content, different prices, videos, photos, technical drawings... In short, everything you think you need to build influential product sheets for your customers. Therefore, PIM opens the door to quality product management. But look further: good product information is the key to providing excellent information and interaction between your product and your customers. And therefore decrease return rates, optimize the customer experience, increase conversion rates, and certainly boost your sales and business in all your distribution channels.

The importance of a good PIM software

A good PIM software should take your sales and multi-channel strategy to the next level, allowing you to reach your sales goals easier and faster. Therefore, the main benefit is a significant reduction in errors in the product and its sheet management, followed by an improvement in customer experience. Interestingly, these benefits are good for your internal organization and teamwork as well as for external end consumers. The future of selling is on the web. To entice consumers, competition will become increasingly fierce, making PIM software a relevant necessary platform.    
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