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Succeeding in business cannot be improvised! Discover how to find the key to success.


How to write a business plan?

A good business plan is the result of the interweaving of several elements: defining the commercial strategy, presenting the team and the project, presenting the products and/or services, presenting the market, etc…


Why finance through business angels?

Financing a project through Business Angels means taking full advantage of their professional experience and relational network, but also benefiting from solid financial support without having to take out a bank loan, more on


How to open a professional bank account?

When you start your own business, opening a professional bank account is an essential step. You will find the main lines on how to create a professional account.

4 business ideas to launch from home!

Launch yourself in the event industry

Are you patient, creative, curious and versatile? From your home, you can create an event for your clients that meets their requirements.

Rent out guest rooms

This is one of the most interesting home-based business ideas because your home becomes the heart of your activity.

Become a life coach

Being a life coach is to accompany your client individually and in a customized way in a process of change leading to the achievement of his goal.

Get into home staging

Your mission is of course to relook and enhance a house or an apartment in order to accelerate or facilitate its resale.

The green business

The green business is now very popular because it is full of places to conquer and markets to invent.

The online business

If you dream of launching your own business, the web is an exceptional playground full of opportunities.

Social business

Social business is a form of enterprise that is socially innovative and that gives back to Man his central place.

International business

Benefit from solid and sustainable competitive advantages while opening up to new and innovative perspectives.

Social selling, a key success factor in your e-business

Social selling: one of the
pillars of web marketing

With the explosion of digital technology and the increased use of social networks, social selling is a powerful marketing strategy that you can use to boost your e-business. Whether you have created your business online, as is the case with Business Affinity, or not, the idea here is to integrate social networks, inbound marketing, personal branding, storytelling and networking into your sales process so that you can have some “power” over consumers and comply with their demands, more details on

What is PXM (Product Experience Management)?

What is PXM (Product Experience Management)?

With the multiplication of channels and targeting strategies, a successful customer experience is no longer seen as a benefit, but as a necessity. A great customer experience is a great product experience: consistent and contextual product information for your customers, no matter where they are or who they are with GOALAND the Product experience management platform.

Create your business

The steps to take

Market study
Establish a state of the art

Business plan
Starting out on the right foot

Sources of financing
Financing your business easily

Drafting the statutes
Defining the rules between partners

Domiciliation of your company
Benefit from a prestigious address

Brand image
Making a mark in people’s minds


New opportunities!

New franchise businesses that pay off

New franchise businesses that pay off
Restaurants and hotels, real estate, construction, fashion and accessories, cars and motorcycles, personal and business services…

Companies are committed to Inclusive Business

Companies are committed to Inclusive Business
Include the poor in their economic process as producers, resellers, distributors or consumers.

E-tailers personalize their customer experience

E-tailers personalize their customer experience
Conform to the needs and requirements of customers and seal a privileged relationship with them.